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    • Ka’Turah Francis ’17

      Political philosophy major Ka’Turah Francis ’17 advises incoming students to get classwork done during the week, leaving weekends for fun and relaxation. “Time management is very important in college, because you have to balance schoolwork, clubs, and maybe even a job,” she says. “It can be a lot to handle.”
    • Scott Kevy ’15

      Sport management major Scott Kevy ’15, chose Syracuse University because he wanted to attend a midsize college with a variety of academic offerings and Division 1 sports. “Syracuse University met all those factors,” he says. “Choosing to attend this university has been the greatest decision I’ve ever made.”
    • Ava Miner ’17

      For marketing major Ava Miner ’17, the biggest difference between high school and college is the responsibility. “The transition from high school to college will be much smoother if you can make up your own routine to keep yourself on track,” she says.
    • Rob Storey ’17

      Advertising major Rob Storey ’17 recommends getting involved in clubs and organizations as a way to make a smooth  transition to college life. “You will meet a lot of like-minded people, and it’s a great way to meet upperclassmen who can give you advice,” he says.