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    Rob Storey ’17

    Rob Storey ’17

    Hometown: Manassas, Virginia
    Major: Advertising

    Any advice on how to smooth the transition from high school to college?
    Meeting so many people at once can be intimidating, and trying to figure out where you fit in is even more difficult. My advice is to get involved in clubs that fit your interests, you meet a lot of like-minded people, plus it’s a great way to meet upperclassmen that can give you advice.

    Do you have any tips for time management as a Syracuse student?
    Time management is difficult as freshmen because the workload is totally different than high school. For me, devoting time and going to a designated study room (the library, floor lounge, anywhere that is NOT your dorm room) every day and chipping away at work is helpful. Also, cramming for tests in one day just doesn’t work anymore like it used to in high school. Review for a couple days before the exam.

    Is there any activity you wish you had taken advantage of during orientation?
    I thought that the dorm activities during orientation week were too childish for me (it reminded me of icebreakers during summer camp), but in hindsight, I could have used them to get familiar with a lot of people from all parts of my dorm very quickly. I definitely had my fair share of friends in my dorm, but some of those dorm activities would have been some good experiences that I would recommend.

    What is the healthiest way for a college student to cope with homesickness?
    The resources the University provides to students are great (like the Counseling Center, RAs on your floor, etc.), and just staying updated with your friends and family from home can go a long way.