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    Why I Gave

    Read what some of our Washington, DC-area alumni have to say about their Syracuse University experiences and the reasons they’re giving back to their alma mater.

    “In an effort to give back to the University and leave it a little better than I found it, I realized that I’ve received more from SU than I’ve given–from relationships to experiences to an expanding network, not to mention a few exciting sporting events. It’s great to be part of the SU family!”
    – Dan Kaseman ’80, DC Regional Council

    “Appreciating the impact SU has had on all of us in important. The abroad programs, community engagements, and various clubs around campus–on top of the academics–have helped shape most of us. To see them continue to grow will only ensure that the next generation also has meaningful experiences at SU.”
    – Joycelyn Lederman ’09

    “SU’s School of Architecture instills the importance of creative thinking and provides a strong technical foundation, allowing students to move into the architecture profession better prepared than graduates of other schools. So, it’s about giving back for the great education, great teachers, and great experiences we’ve had, and ensuring that the University endures and stays competitive for generations to come.”
    – Rod Henderer ’74, DC Regional Council

    “I value the education I got, and use what I learned from my SU experience every day!”
    – Tracy Baumgardner ’87

    “SU shaped me into a well-rounded leader who is able to leverage his passions in his career. It it had not been for all the great opportunities my experience at SU provided me, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
    – Brian Spendley ’09

    “SU has the ability—given the increasing selectivity of incoming classes, the strength of the University’s administration, and its strong alumni base—to continue to advance more of its programs into the very top tier of all national universities. We hope our contributions can help continue these trends.”
    – Ken Finkelstein ’84