Greenberg House

Greenberg House exterior

Located in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, the Paul Greenberg House is Syracuse University’s headquarters in the nation’s capital. The four-story, 7,700-square-foot facility opened in 1990 and was named with a gift from Paul Greenberg ’65. Since then, the facility and its operations have been generously supported by gifts from alumni and friends.

Today, Greenberg House serves a number of vital purposes, opening doors to a variety of opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni:

  • Academics  As a multipurpose facility with space for classes, seminars, conferences, and meetings, Greenberg House supports activities in every one of Syracuse Universitys schools and colleges.
  • Alumni  The Washington, DC, area is home to nearly 15,000 Syracuse University alumni. Greenberg House hosts events and provides alumni support, fostering ongoing connections among graduates and the University.
  • Student Recruitment  Greenberg House provides an opportunity for the University to attract and interview promising applicants for admission at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • University Development and Government Relations  With its central location in Washington, DC, Greenberg House provides the University with access to the main offices of a number of foundations, corporations, and government agencies that offer grants and other support to major research universities such as Syracuse University.

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