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    Intern Spotlight

    These interns are planting their roots in Washington as young professionals, buoyed by a network of established Syracuse alumni. Working with prestigious companies, world-changing nonprofits, and respected politicians, they're getting an intense, unvarnished look at what it takes to succeed in their chosen fields.

    What are you doing at your internship that’s worth sharing? We’d love to know! Tweet your photos to us at @SUinDC. If you’re a current SU student or recent graduate and would like to share your experiences, contact Kristin Baione, assistant to the executive director, at

    • Erin Bauwens photo

      Erin Bauwens

      Erin Bauwens (center) earned her bachelor's degree in political science from the College of Arts and Sciences in 2014, and is now pursuing a J.D. degree in the College of Law. A legal intern at Rolinski & Suarez, LLC, she's learning the ropes from another SU grad.
      Meet Erin...

    • Allie Caren photo

      Allie Caren

      "I’m a writer in an ever-changing journalism world," says newspaper and online journalism major Allie Caren. As digital news intern at NPR, she's learning how to bring the radio story and the web story together.
      Meet Allie...

    • Seth Gilgus photo

      Seth Gilgus

      Kansas City, Missouri native Seth Gilgus was a little nervous about living and working in what he considered to be a big city. But once he settled in as a policy intern for B'nai B'rith international, he I began to realize all DC has to offer.
      Meet Seth...

    • Michael Helfenbein photo

      Michael Helfenbein

      For Michael Helfenbein, an internship in the office of Representative Rosa DeLauro (left) is providing a behind-the-scenes look at a field he’s been interested in since childhood. “You truly do gain a much deeper understanding of how Congress operates,” he explains. 
      Meet Michael...

    • Maliz Mahop photo

      Maliz Mahop

      Communications and rhetorical studies major Maliz Hahop is in DC with two concurrent internships—as a business development coordinator at the I Am - San Antonio consulting group and corporate marketing intern at Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey.
      Meet Maliz...

    • Tara Schoenborn photo

      Tara Schoenborn

      The thing that excites Tara Schoenborn most about her internship at the U.S. Department of State is that it's bringing her one step closer to figuring out who she is and what she wants to do as a career. 
      Meet Tara...


    • Ronald Taylor photo

      Ronald Taylor

      A dual political science and policy studies major, Ronald Taylor is gaining new perspectives and being challenged with new forms of public policy as an intern with the Washington's DCI Group.
      Meet Ronald...

    • Krista Tuthill photo

      Krista Tuthill

      After earning her B.A. in international relations and Spanish, Krista Tuthill moved on to a dual masters program in international relations and public policy. Shes getting a crash course in both at the Pentagon, as an international security affairs intern at the Department of Defense.
      Meet Krista...